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Technical Information
Sodium Bicarbonate USP No. 1 Powdered


CHEMICAL NAME:                           Sodium Bicarbonate

FORMULA:                                          NaHCO3

MOLECULAR WEIGHT:                    84.01

DESCRIPTION:                                   White crystalline powder

CAS NAME:                                         Carbonic Acid Monosodium Salt

CAS NUMBER:                                    144-55-8

GRADES:                                              USP No. 1 Powdered (Meets USP and FCC Specifications)

SHIPPING:                                            No Special Regulations


HANDLING:                                         Non-hazardous, non-toxic material

                                                                Store under normal warehouse conditions.

                                                                For more detailed information, refer to Material Safety       

                                                                Data Sheet (MSDS).



APPLICATIONS:    Antibiotic manufacture; cake, pancake and ready mixes; candles; catalyst manufacture; chemical; dentifrices; explosives; fire extinguishers; food colors; food conditioner; paper making; pharmaceuticals; photography; self-rising flour; starches; sugar; refining; textiles.



TYPICAL PROPERTIES:    The following properties are typical production but are not intended for the preparation of specifications.  If you require guidance in developing product specifications, please call 908-665-2900 (1-800-8-VITUSA) and discuss them with us.


          SCREEN ANALYSIS:    (Cumulative Percent Retained)

                        US STD                                             

                     SIEVE NO.                            MINIMUM              MAXIMUM          

                          +100                                           0                                  2                                        

                          +200                                          20                                50

                          +325                                          60                               100


           BULK DENSITY:                           Poured 68-75 lb/ft3







 Multi-wall Paper Bags:

Net Wt. 50 lb.

Information concerning the handling and use of this product

 Bulk Sacks:

Net Wt. 2500 lb.

is provided in a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

This MSDS must be fully read and understood prior to any 

exposure, handling or use of this product.



CHEMICAL PROPERTIES:    (Specifications)


                                                                 USP               CHEMICALS CODEX (FCC)

          Assay (dry basis)                       99.0-100.5%                      99.0% min.

          Insoluble substances                  Meets USP Test                 Passes FCC Test

          Loss on drying                             0.25% max.                       0.25% max.

          Ammonia                                  Meets USP Test                 Passes FCC Test

          Arsenic (as As), ppm                      2 max.                              3 max.

          Heavy Metals (as Pb), ppm            5 max.                              5 max.

          Carbonate                                 Meets USP Test              No FCC Requirement

          Chloride (as CL)                           150 max.                     No FCC Requirement

          Sulfate (SO4-2)                              150 max.                     No FCC Requirement

          Identification                           Responds to USP              Positive in FCC Tests for

                                                        sodium and bicarbonate     sodium and bicarbonate


                                                       Meets USP Food Chemical Codex Specifications



THEORETICAL PROPERTIES:    The following properties are textbook theoretical data and are provided for convenience and referenceonly.These  properties are not normally tested for the commercial product and no representation is made relative to the commercial product.



                 Decomposes without melting into                        1 lb. NaHCO3 = 0.369 Na2O

                 Na2CO3, H2O, and CO2

                 Loses CO2 at 270wC

          SPECIFIC GRAVITY                                      CARBON DIOXIDE EQUIVALENT

                 2.16 g/cm3                                                         1 lb. NaHCO3 = 0.524 lb. CO2

          SPECIFIC HEAT @ 25wC                                SOLUBILITY IN WATER @ 60wC

                 20.94 cal/deg mol                                               16.4 g/100g H2O

          HEAT OF FORMATION                                 SOLUBILITY IN OTHER SOLVENTS

                 -227.25 Kcal/mol                                               Insoluble in alcohol

          HEAT OF SOLUTION                                      TASTE

                 3.81 Kcal/mol                                                    Slighty alkaline


The information herein is believed to be reliable.  However, no warranty, expressed or implied, is made as to its accuracy or completeness and non is made as to merchantability of the material or its fitness for any purpose.  The manufacturer or Vitusa Products shall not be liable for consequential damage to persons or property resulting from its use.  Nothing herein shall be construed as a recommendation for use in violation of any patent or license.

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