Transforming the Chemical Industry


24-Hour / Seven Days a Week / Human Response

We want to assure our customers that no matter where or when a problem arises, an experienced member of our staff is ready to serve them. We have the unprecedented ability to handle all emergencies.

Experienced & Knowledgeable Staff

Like any winning team, Vitusa Products Inc is a combination of seasoned veterans and young professionals. This balance of experience, expertise, and energy is important to our customers who rely on our dedicated staff to communicate with them, anticipate their needs, and provide a personal touch every day. The Vitusa staff has almost 150 years of combined work experience in the chemical industry.

Supply Security

We will assure you of supply security in any way necessary. In severe market situations, even though you have our agreement with one supplier, we have the ability to pull from other major suppliers. We can therefore offer you supply security second to no one.

Competitive Pricing

We know our markets well and can assure you that you will receive the most competitive pricing available. You will not pay a premium - on the contrary, more attractive economics are provided.

Transportation and Logistical Expertise

We place our own trucks on the road plus contracted common carriers, dedicated to consistently providing the excellence of service that is expected and deserved. Rail car shipments, as well as normal or special packaging, are available.

Grouping Products

We have extensive experience in long-term contracts, combining products to provide the best advantage for the customer and supplier. We can be a major factor if one of your goals is to work toward consolidation of suppliers. Creativity, both yours and ours, can be a great advantage.

Communication & Follow-up

We have a responsibility to all of our customers to shepherd every transaction through every facet of the process. We take little, if nothing, for granted. We work on the customer’s behalf to oversee the details and minimize errors. We will contact you immediately if there is any problem.

Worldwide Marketing Information

We interact and market for some of the largest manufacturers in the United States, as well as some manufacturers in Europe and the Far East. We have varied and detailed market intelligence we openly share.

A Competitive Supplier

You will receive all the benefits of buying from a major producer, plus the perspective on supply, price, and the marketplace that Vitusa Products Inc can provide.

Contact us today to establish a connection with a team of chemical industry veterans. We proudly serve clients throughout the nation and around the world.